Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finding My Way (Personal Mastery: Schools That Learn)

Finding My Way…

One day, when I was driving to visit one of my friends in New Jersey, I got lost. I stopped a couple times to ask people. Luckily, I met a nice family at the gas station. With their help, I arrived at my friend’s house easily. I get lost not only on the road but also online sometimes.

When people ask about things, others naturally respond, “ google it.” The Internet has been around and has a lot of resources people can find for any purposes in their daily lives. However, how can I find my way to get what I need without getting lost following hyperlinks and spending so much time? Many people share the feeling of overwhelming to have so many possibilities with the hyperlinked information. It seems like we all have to be researchers and analysts in every day tasks. Can we have some kind of discipline to manage our time effectively and to find the right information?

Especially, in this evolving society with technology and new life styles, Personal Mastery is a vital discipline, which is one of the Five Disciplines from the book called Schools That Learn. “Personal mastery is a set of practice” that learners are encouraged to seek and sustain their interests and dreams “while cultivating an awareness of the current reality around them.”

This practice is very valuable in current education system as well. Student-centered learning is one approach to reshape the learning environment suitable for the new generations and the current society adapted with computer technology. That is focused on students’ needs and considered many social and human behavior developments. This learning approach requires learners to lead their own learning followed by their interests. Furthermore, in this learning process, learners are supposed to set their goals of learning, plan and choose practical activities to individualize their learning processes. This new approach of learning is very convincing in a way that seeks more of students’ ardent interests; however, the role of student on both personal mastery discipline and student-centered learning approach is obscure or very broad for a student to carry on without appropriate guidance by who are more experienced. Especially in a student-centered learning setting, recommended teacher' roles are a facilitator and a mentor or a coach to help students learning.

People’s lives are sequences of experiences and akin to driving to the destination where the people want to be. Although personal mastery is generally occurs through “solo reflection,” teachers or coaches’ attentive guide and shared experiences would be precious to students when they have no sense of direction.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Saving Lives

Valuable discovery to save lives!

Nutritionists innovated food for malnourished children that doesn’t require refrigeration, water, cooking and it has minerals and vitamins. Student can discuss other solutions to eradicate World Hunger.
I can't imagine what is like to live in a place where people have no electricity, water, and food.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Human rights report released

Emerging Powers for World Peace!

This news video reports on a dark side of our society. Many people may not want to talk about it because it is sad. However, I found that the issue this video points out is something we can use to bring global awareness into the classroom. We could discuss further the causes and the impacts of this issue as well as what solutions we could implement in order to create a peaceful society.

This video emphasizes a significant aspects of social study. “Human rights and freedom” – This news report brings attention to the importance of sharing visions, collective leadership as well as the necessity of courage and commitment in realizing the human rights that the United Nations adopted 6 decades ago.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dean Kamen: New prosthetic arm for veterans

Video work: Excellent
Audio work: Excellent
Overall content quality: Excellent
Film quality: Good

Honoring the Human Spirit!!!

Thanks to Dean Kamen and his team, veterans have a new outlook in adapting the use of technology. As more schools have made assistive and adaptive technology available for students, this video is a great example uplifting the aid of human spirit.

Dean Kamen's innovative design in the prosthetic arm and improving human life is highly respectable. His meaningful use of technology and innovations inspired me with insights in the possibility of a new hope.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Talks Ross Lovegrove: The power and beauty of organic design

Video work: Excellent
Audio work: Excellent
Overall content quality: Excellent
Film quality: Good

"Awe Inspiring organic design!!!"

This video can be a good motivational source for students especially the learning objective is to promote creative thinking and the process of development.

Ross Lovegrove is truly creative and knows how to express his emotions into those unconventional movements of fluid designs and philosophical beauty.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Speed limit

We have a speed limit on the road for safety.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Which Technologies will shape education in 2008?

After powerful web2.0 tools and other web applications were born, individual participation in web publishing has increased. This is especially true for those who grew up with computers who use them so naturally. Imagine, how much content is published online daily, audio, video, flash animated content, and other content produced collaboratively are easily created by using web2.0 tools. Current education is adapting to use these new online technological tools in teaching and learning. I wonder about whether or not we are too focused on trying out new tools rather than the content of the subjects.